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The lightweight tall plant pots are a slightly taller than the shallower version of pot and as such they can use a little more compost than the shallower plant pots that are ideal for use with most shallow rooted plantsPlant pots are inexpensive and durable, The round rim design makes handling easy, and durable molded construction ensures long use.They are much thicker and more durable than traditional blow molded Flower pots and even other injection molded pots. Wide rim with grip lip for easy movement.This is a cylindrical deep-bottomed flowerpot. The material is environmentally-friendly pp. The popular colors are pure white rice white clay red lake blue fruit green. They are more classic styles, suitable for planting some high flowers And trees, according to customer’s choice whether you need a tray, the main styles are 52067-52067 and EG series, the size is generally 27 * 33cm31 * 38cm 25 * 44cm 20 * 20cm 19 * 20cm 16 * 22cm 17 * 24cm 19 * 27cm. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
Our self-watering pot has a black filter inside at the bottom of the pot to separate soil and extra water.The filter will leave a certain room to make a water reservoir at the bottom of the pot and keeps soil upon it.The soil in the leg of the filter will absorb the water it self from the water reservoir to keep the soil wet.And also when the roots of plant is lacking water,they will search down for water.They will go through the filter into the water reservoir and absorb he waer itself like a straw.What else,the room space between the filter and water will supply oxygen for the roots to breath.The oxygen for the root is the same important like as we human do.
And there is also a hole at the bottom of ttthe pot to release the extra water when it is raining or watered too much.Our self-watering pot could keep the plant a good water supply to let it grow well by itself.
Our flower pots are available in two materials: new plastic and recycled plastic.
There are many colors to choose from for new plastics: pure white, beige, pink, rose, red, terra cotta, orange, lemon, yellow, fruit green, lake blue, light blue, blue light purple, purple, light gray, black.Recycled plastics are available in the following colors:milky white,pink,red,yellow,orange,green,blue,purple,khaki,terra cotta,coffe,dark green,black.The screen printing used are marble print and wedding print.And some flower ports can choose color print or Chinese print.Then there are some special craft pots that you can choose to paint like paint white green,paint coffee gold,paint classic gold. We will try our best to meet your requisition if you give us a chance.

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