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About Us - Gaoda International Co., Ltd.

About Us


Founded in 2010, Gaoda International Co., Ltd. is located in Yiwu, the world's largest small commodity city.

The company's main business is import and export agents, market agents, Valet inspection, factory direct procurement, translation services. At the same time, the company cooperates with a number of quality factories through holding or shareholding.

The main products are non-woven bag series, lettering film series, flower pot series, disposable lunch box series, shelf series, and so on.

The company's customers are located all over the world, and the South American market is particularly prominent. 

about us


The company is committed to serving customers and taking customer satisfaction as its purpose.

Continue to provide customers with quality service and competitive products. There are certain patterns in the distribution of factories and products in China.

According to the industrial cluster, industrial supporting, and industrial belt distribution, a certain product is concentrated in a certain area.

This is more efficient and saves costs. For example, for a pair of shoes, you can purchase all the accessories you want in a city in Wenzhou, and then you can assemble a complete pair of shoes.

In Shenzhen, for example, you can buy all the accessories in one stop and assemble them into a mobile phone immediately. Therefore, based on this feature, we can quickly find the products you need and the right factory.


The company is the agent for the procurement of various products throughout the country, the procurement agents in various professional markets and various industrial belts. Such as Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Electronics Market, Guangzhou Clothing Market, Shaoxing Fabric Market, Hebei Baigou Bags and Bags, Hebei Xingtai Bicycles, Wenzhou Leather Shoes, Quanzhou Sports Shoes, Foshan Lecong Furniture, Linyi Sheets, Qingdao Tires, Ningbo's Injection molding machine, Yiwu jewelry. Whether it is a large-volume purchase or a small batch of cabinets.


Whether it is a wholesaler or a retail end customer, we can provide a one-stop solution. The company is not only your agent in China, but also your office in China, your eyes in China. Welcome friends from all corners of the country to visit the company.


We have a professional English and Spanish team, procurement department, warehousing logistics department, quality inspection department, finance department, wind control,etc.